My works are often ethereal and fragile or bold and geometric. This dualism has been constant and well represented for more than 20 years in my glass art works/installations as well in the recent works with plastic and fibers.
My task is to create harmony between light, color, the richness of the materials and the environments where my works are placed. Reaching this balance I am able to surprise and connect with the public.
Glass had played an important role in my artistic career in matter of discipline and experimentation that led me nowadays to combine it to new materials and techniques, allowing me to express challenging ideas.

Entity is something that exists: it is my creativity materialized in these objects.
Entity is the result of a long experimental process of weaving the light, represented by glass. It is also an innovative approach to textile art combining glass and plastic to create a fabric that can be manipulated in unlimited shapes.


Elements are visual games of glass and light to stimulate creativity.
The selection of shapes, the discovery of informative possibilities deriving from the combination of forms, colours, light and actions, contribute to the development   of imagination and consequently of the creativity.
With these simple elements, and by means  of  equally  simple  operations, one can build whatever he likes….adding on his own artistic contribution.

I have always been fascinated by the nature of glass and how it metamorphoses between a liquid and solid.
Glass derives from earth in the form of sand and it is exposed to fire to become molten liquid and then it can be worked using various techniques: I have taken to forming glass in different lengths of thin strings, which capture the colours of light. The glass threads are woven to reproduce a remarkable effect of movement.
I get the sensation of sculpting with light, as the colours intertwine through the texture and a path of brightness is etched. These works represents my experiment to bind the essence of light as living matter.

In Horizon Series it has been produced a visual tension between the shape of the object and its tactile surface and luminous colors.
Strips of glass are fused together to create a space rather than decorate it.
The result  is a combination of horizontal and vertical lines which clearly indicate landscapes, horizons, architecture, human activity and, ultimately, life.
They symbolize growth, an upward trend that is so demanding of our times. We are building skylines, obliterating horizons…