Plastic Cocoon

Vine in my garden
Vine in my garden

This morning I was looking at the vine left on the ground  by the gardener. I was thinking what to do with it.

All of sudden I had the great idea to recycle some (many!!!!) detergent bottles making a similar thing.


I use HLDP plastic bottles and I deconstructed them with scissor. I obtained a flat tread of 0.5 mm/10 mm of width.

The colorful yarns of plastic behave like springs: I played a little bit with them: on the left some writing and below imagepunctuation on the grass!

Then the fun started winding up the plastic yarns, mixing the colors and connecting with cable ties.

It took few hours to reach this point.

It is not yet finished but it starts to look like a cocoon.

I am quite satisfy for today.

Inside detail
Inside detail

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