Recycling PET plastic bottles

Carioca chandelier
Carioca chandelier

I am working to arrange a new exhibition on May in Saudi Arabia. I will present art works of recycling besides my glass masterpieces. In the last months I worked very hard to design and manufacture plastic and paper works. In the photo  you can admire the chandelier by water bottles of PET that I manipulated at the flame of a candle. I like it very much; the colors are so vibrant and rich that make me happy! I call it Carioca…..thinking of Walt Disney’s caracter Jose Carioca in the animation movie Saludos Amigos of 1942.

I am not so old, but this movie was one of my favorite as a child…..and you know getting old you become again a child!!!!

I made Carioca out of 100 Pet water bottles. I cut out the bottoms, cut the bottle body along three vertical lines to the neck of the bottles and worked the edges of the cuts on a candle flame. Plastic changes shape quickly on the heat of a flame. You need to work fast in order to control the shape.

Then I assembled  the bottles with three clothes hangers, one for each arm of the chandelier.


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