Festive Recycling Installation, Nov.2013


Festive Recycling Installation, Nov.2013

Recycling Club project Oct-Nov. 2013 at St.Christopher Junior School in Bahrain.

I run a recycling club for a total of 7 classes of one hour each, training 13 children aged 9 and 10 years to fold and alter magazines.

The process of folding took more time I thought, so the children were able to complete only 4 shapes each.

The process of altering the magazines with the use of a cement was instead very fast and the children had great fun.

Fully protected with trash bags as aprons and wearing gloves, they painted the objects with cement; some of the children put a big effort to shape and model their creations. I was not expected they could have so much fun at this stage: then the final touch of decorating the altered magazines with glitters was even better….a real  triumph of joy!

On the Festive Faire organized by the school the altered magazines were displayed with proud in a big installation called Festive Recycling.

Festive Recycling Installation (detail)


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