Qalat Site Museum Gift Shop

Dear friends, join us for the opening of our Gift Shop Pop-up & Photo Exibition curated by Nathaly Yung from Yalla Habibi, at the Qalat Al Bahrain Site Museum on the 20th of November 2019 from 6pm to 8pm. Share a light bite catered by Green Bar Cafe accompanied by live music and experience the serene atmosphere of the Fort’s museum and it’s surroundings. @qab_sitemuseum @yallahabibi_bh @greenbarinc #bahrain #craft #art #handmade #glass #baskets and much more ❤️illustration by @thirdfeedco

Some of my glass works (ornaments dedicated to Kufi Calligraphy and Mini Mounds Baskets) will be available to be purchased.

Kufi Ornaments

Kūfic calligraphy is the oldest Islamic style of handwritten alphabet
that was used by early Muslims to record the Qu’ran. Until about the 11th century it was the main script used to copy Qur’ans.
The script was called Kūfic because it was thought to have been developed at Kūfah in Iraq—an early Islamic centre of culture.
This angular, slow-moving, dignified script was also used on tombstones and coins as well as for inscriptions on buildings. Among several styles developed during the centuries the Square or Geometric Kufic is a very simplified rectangular style often used as a tile work pattern in Islamic architecture: sometimes entire buildings are covered with tiles spelling sacred names like those of God, Muhammad (PBUH).

These unique glass ornaments comprise well-known Islamic phrase, thereby bringing a contemporary twist to an ancient tradition. 

Mini Mounds Baskets

This series of works represents the artist’s engagement with the Bahrain landscape, specifically drawing attention to the interaction between nature, humanity and archeology.

Natural fiber from palm trees and glass, are combined together to produce a reference to a sense of place; perhaps acknowledging the many burial mounds on the island.

Entity travels to Jordan!

I am part of Joba a group exhibition of Bahraini and Bahrein based artists in Amman, Jordan. The exhibition is organised by curators Raida Shahin and Tala Abunur of Jodar Artistry Gallery. My works Entity series are showcased till March 2020.

@jodar.artistry opening, honoured to be introduced to Her Royal Highness Princess Alia Al Tabba, chairman of PWS (Promise Welfare Society) no profit organisation dedicated to provide humanitarian services in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and abroad. Part of the proceeds from the #Joba event will go to PWS with the aim to donate educational aid to less fortunate students.
@jodar.artistry will be also hosting an auction with art works donated by the artists . In the second pic my contribution to the auction: Clouds in the Sky, baskets, fused glass, coiled palm leaves and inflorescences, cotton threads, satin ribbon, natural bahrain cotton ……”perfect symbiosis of design and Arabic tradition, my baskets are the symbol of a newly found pleasure of expressing the art of glass fusing”. With love Giuse Maggi

Al Nuzul Salam Project

The newly restored heritage house Al Fathallah is open now as Nuzul Al Salam boutique hotel in the old town of Muharraq, Bahrain . The renovation is a joint project between the UAE and Sheikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Centre for Culture and Research in Bahrain, as part of collaborative efforts between the cultural authorities of UAE and Bahrain. The hotel is located in the old town of Muharraq and it is part of the Pearling Path, a Unesco World Heritage Site along the historical buildings of the region’s pearling industry. The building reflects traditional local architecture and modern Arabian design influences. The restoration was in the hand of the talented designer Ammar Basheir. Glad to have my Happy Souk Baskets as part of the decoration of the hotel.