Entity at Verona Tessile 2017

Verona Tessile 2017 biennale of quiltings patchworks and textile art.

Entity Series has been showcased at Biblioteca Civica of Verona 24-30 of April


New project

I am working on a new challenging project for the next exhibition in late October 2017.

My art works will be showcased in a special event that focuses on cinema as main theme.

For this occasion I will install my works as costumes.

I will post the works with the related costumes in a random order and as soon as they are completed.


Corset/Wall Hanging, palm inflorescence, leaves and jute. Plain weaving, stitching, 2017


Food is Culture



Food is Culture 2, Bahrain 22, Jan- 2, April 2017

Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) – Bahrain  National Museum

In 2016 I had the honor to be invited to participate to the second edition of the event Food is Culture, promoted and organized by Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA): “This exciting event is a creative experiment, intended to merge the artists and the chefs in Bahrain and have them create something together in their own respective line of work. They will collaborate on one art piece together and a series of dishes inspired by each other’s style and distinct modus operandi.”

My chef partner was Layla AL Sharif, a pastry artist and teacher who specializes in bespoke, intricate and delicate wedding cakes.

When I first saw Layla’s cakes, I was impressed by the similarity between her sugar decorations and my glass art works. It was after a very excited conversation between us, that I discovered that not only texture and the final decoration, but even some chemical ingredients and techniques were very much alike.

But most of all I was impressed about the care and dedication in the constant search of aesthetics, the appreciation of beauty in our works.

To me, aesthetics is a means to surprise and capture the attention of the public, a way to guide towards a concept. The same I saw in Layla’s work, aesthetics as the way to enhance the celebration of an event through an ephemeral symbol such as a cake.

We have aesthetic experience when we can perceive the peculiarity of objects, for example beauty or ugliness. Food has qualities of this nature and they can be discovered through smell and taste. With her cakes, Layla is able to achieve the beauty working on shapes, colors and textures. This is where I found my inspiration and I designed a group of glass works that along with Layla’cakes could create a complete aesthetic experience, from beauty to taste.

My goal was to represent unity, balance and harmony, blending our works up to the point to challenge the audience to guess which is glass and which is sugar.

The “Cosmic Nests” sketches that I drew at the very first meeting, were the beginning of our brain storming! From something a bit foggy and undefined, though very promising, I created art works with the intent to represent cosmic elements (The Cosmic Nests), water (The Globe) and life (The Sea Baskets and The Seaweeds and Shells). This concept landed on the shore (The Table) where organic entities conceived by Layla continued the metaphoric journey through a game of sugary shapes…….adding to the overall work the sense of taste. The final work revealed the synergy of two artistic minds.

Cosmic Nests


The Globe

The Sea Baskets

The Seaweeds and Shells

The Shore


Ending 2016

Entity n.6 is the last sculpture I made in 2016. The complete series of Entity will be showcased at the 43rd Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition at the Bahrain National Museum in March, 2017.

On January 23rd, 2017 I will be participating to Food is Culture 2 organized by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquity (BACA).



April 2017 a new series of Entity will be participating at Verona Textile Festival in Italy.


In the meantime……

It has been a long time that I posted. I have been very busy with Instagram: glassartmaggiatbahrain and I left the blog behind.
I do not know from where I have to start….I made so many things and projects, not all fantastic or successful but really a good experience in matter of planning and creativity. I worked a lot with plastic, fibres, paper and of course my favourite media, glass.
Starting with plastic, still recycling, I must say that these chandeliers are very crazy and classic at the same time. I used Pet bottles which I painted with acrylic spray painting. After cutting and shaping the plastic, each bottle is tied to a metal structure that I made using  a steel wire.


New glass works

by Giuse Maggi

Elements are visual games of glass and light to stimulate creativity.
The selection of shapes, the discovery of informative possibilities deriving from the combination of forms, colours, light and actions, contribute to the development of imagination and consequently of the creativity.
With these simple elements, and by means of equally simple operations, one can build whatever he likes….adding on his own artistic contribution.image image